Why Do You Need A Password Manager?

One may ask herself why does she need a password manager. However, cybersecurity experts unanimously agree that using password managers is the best way to prevent identity and access management issues.

What is one thing hackers love the most? It is cracking passwords. With tons of techniques and cunning approaches, they can hack your computer, steal your data, and easily commit identity theft. Using a password manager is a highly recommended way to prevent it from happening in the first place.

One of the leading reasons why passwords alone do not offer much security is that most people use repetitive passwords. Additionally, they do not change passwords regularly. Moreover, people find it difficult to remember long passwords, so they choose weak passwords and unintentionally make the work easier for hackers.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the benefits.

Password Manager Benefits

By using a password manager, you can easily keep your personal and private information safe. The password vault in the password manager stores your password and other information securely. Thus, you can have the ease of mind knowing that malicious users or bots cannot crack your passwords.

  1. You Won’t Be Forgetting Passwords Anymore

A password manager can store unlimited numbers of passwords in a single account. All you need to do is remember only one password: the Master Password. People tend to use repetitive or weak passwords because they don’t want to remember a password for each website. So, they just take the easier route and use similar passwords for all websites. With a Master Password, you don’t need a good memory, and there won’t be any need to remember long passwords from different websites.

  1. They Use Multi-Factor Authentication for More Security

Some of you might be wondering that the password manager may do a great job at protecting passwords, but what about the protection of the Master Password. After all, the hackers can acquire the Master Password, and then there would be no point of a password manager, right? Well, password managers employ multi-factor authentication to ensure that malicious users cannot get access to your password store.

  1. Password Managers Generate Complex Passwords

A password manager can generate a new password for your online account, which is so random, long, and complex that it easily fools hackers. Even if people somehow create a complex password (which usually is the name of their pet, etc.), the problem is that they do not regularly update it. A password manager, on the other hand, not only generates a complex password but also replaces it regularly.

  1. They Have Encrypted Storage

In recent years, there has been a huge surge in attacks on websites and personal computers. Although there have been attacks on password managers as well, there are many reputable password managers that have unbreachable encrypted storage. With encrypted storage, it has become almost impossible for hackers to decode and steal information. Password managers not only store passwords, but they also store credit card details, driver license details, and other confidential information.

  1. Auto-Login Helps Save A Lot of Time

An average internet user has over 20 online accounts for different websites. So, remembering the password for each website is not easy, and that’s why most people use the same password for all the websites. Still, they have to provide information when logging into the website or mobile apps. A password manager will save your time with auto-login. It means that when you visit the login page, the password manager will automatically fill in the required information.

  1. They Have Zero-Knowledge Implementation

Some of the best password managers around employ a “zero-knowledge” implementation, which means they have absolutely no knowledge of your passwords, and they never store your Master Password in the cloud. Hence, it further boosts your security and protects your information even if there is a breach in the password manager’s security.

  1. They Offer Easy Accessibility

Your password manager can easily sync accounts to any device, and all you need to do is log in to sync passwords. In other words, Windows users can sync their passwords with iOS or Android devices in a seamless manner.

  1. There is a Reduced Margin of User Error

If you ask us, we’ll tell you that one of the biggest benefits of using a password manager other than its highly robust security is the reduced margin or user error. As per Virginia Tech Study, 52% of people simply reuse their passwords across multiple services. A password manager is best for individual and business use because it reduces the behavior of people re-using passwords.

The Bottom Line

There is no denying that using a password manager has become a necessity for individuals and businesses. We would recommend using some of the best password managers. You can read in-depth reviews of RoboForm, Keeper, Dashlane, Remembear, and Kaspersky. You can also check out the brands websites of RoboForm, Keeper, Dashlane, Remembear, and Kaspersky.

This article is provided by our team of content writers for informational purposes and should not be relied upon as a professional advice.

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